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Genealogy of the Faulders of North Cumberland

Pages relating to the family history of two branches of the Faulder Family known to have originated in North Cumberland and possibly South Scotland, together with information relating to some of the families related by marriage.
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Researching descendants of ancestors, Including: Faulder, Jackson, Blaylock, Sewell, Story, Lendrum, Willett, James, Rayson, Ridley, Carruthers, Palmer, Beaty, Clark, Allen, Colvill, Renny, Snape, Harrison, Wilkes, Keighley, Ramsden, Box, Neal, Sear, Williamson, Clark, Beattie, Barnard, Somervill, MacLeod, Mitchell, Tuzee, Eastwood, Helby, Norman, Stordy, Walton, Pattinson, James, Walker, Armstrong, Jackson, Martin, Atkinson, Yardley, Calvert, Hodgson, Harryman, Shanks, Viccars Families

  • Places Mentioned include
    • North Cumberland, especially:
      • Burgh-by-Sands / Beaumont / Kirkandrews on Eden
      • Dalston / Thursby / Brisco
      • Kirkandrews on Esk / Longtown / Kirklinton
    • West Yorkshire, especially Huddersfield, but also:
      • Marsden
      • Bradford
    • The Western Front of World War 1
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updated 1 July 2021